Charlotte Perry was the winner of the Brighter Berkshire Secondary School Song Writing Competition which had its finale at the annual Event of the The Rock Academy Foundation. It has to be said all finalists were amazing and the judges found it very difficult to chose one. At the start of the event we had 3 prizes donated by great companies supportive of what we are trying to do. But by the end of the evening one of the judges donated an additional prize so everyone was able to walk away with something as he was so inspired by the performances. We offered winner, second, third and fourth to chose the prize they wanted from those donated. Thank you to all the companies who donated and they are listed next to those who choose them.

The aim of the competition was to engage young people in something they love and mental health and we know about the powerful impact music has on mental health and this was a great way of engaging young people, parents and teachers and members of the music industry in being more open about talking about mental health.

All the performances are now available to watch on our You Tube site here

  1. Charlotte Perry – Chose to have a 4 hour recording session in the Studios From Damon Sawyer in Platform Studios.
  2. Lara Mackim – Chose the 4 hours recording session in the studios in Crouch End Studios.
  3. Katie Mitchell – Chose The Kaotica Eyeball supplied by Kazbar Systems, special thanks to Gavin Millar.
  4. Jade Illot – Bulmershe Choir –  Chose the day and the London based The Songwriting Academy.

We are thankful to all involved in the development and delivery of the songwriting competition with a special mention to Pete Doyle for thinking the idea and getting us all started, BB Kean who took over leading on the final, John Saunderson from Notting Hill Music Productions who helped connect us to our sponsors, Matt and the whole team at The Rock Academy for giving us the space and supporting the Grand Final at their annual event and Caroline Gratrix who helped connect the whole team in the first place.