We aim to connect with others and raise awareness that 2017 is a Year of Mental Health in Berkshire and we want as many people as possible to join in, make a pledge and have conversations about mental health.

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How it will work


  • We will meet as a group at one end of town.
  • We will all have tee-shirts. We think we can get them big enough to go over what people are wearing – possibly.
  • We will hand out postcards and clipboards ot everyione which will have some workds on what to say when meeting peoplle and a few short survey questions to capture information.
  • We will be paired up and allocated parts of town to speak to either shoppers or shop managers.
  • We will try to speak to as many as possible asking if they know its a year of mental health, getting their contact details and encouraging them to make a pledge. If we get some on the day great but not essential as long as we get their email address and we leave them with a post card with more information.
  • For the shops we will ask if they can display the cards on tills and in the window as a sign of support for what we are trying to do in raising awareness.


  • We will walk to a venue to regroup together for some tea/coffee/cake.
  • We will chew over our experience, share the response from people and get to know eachother a bit and connect. We can also collect up all the survey responses.


  • We will head home

In Summary

This will be a very poweful and visual way of raising awareness about both mental health but also the opportunities to get involved in many different and creative ways for a year of mental health. Lets hope this also means an increase in donations too so we can have a sustainable legacy fund which will support ongoing many of the great things being done in the charity and voluntary sector for mental health.

We hope to have some fun too and meet new friends!

The more people doing this the better and more poerful it will be, so tell your friends, family, colleagues, students, businesses and more. Its open to who want a Brighter Berkshire.

Thank you so much.