Unlock Your Wellbeing completes their pledge to Brighter Berkshire!


On 10th May 2017, Anne-Marie Gawen from Unlock Your Wellbeing CIC delivered a ‘Happiness’ workshop in Bracknell, with support from Bracknell Forest Public Health as part of her pledge to Brighter Berkshire and the Year of Mental Health.

The workshop went very well and you can see some of the feedback below:


Attendees – 19 (expected 15, plus 2 late additions, plus 2 extra on the day)
Duration – 1.5 hours (2 hours was the planned length, finished early due to very hot evening)

Feedback received from 14 students (did not have sufficient feedback forms for everyone due to additional attendees), 2 feedback forms did not have before and after scores on them, meaning that 12 did.

First question asked was how would you rate your knowledge of the subject before and after the event? (Out of 10)

Before – total of 68. Range was 3-7
After- total of 107. Range was 8-10
The difference is 39 points from the 12 people who provided before and after scores.
This is an astounding result given that “happiness” is something people commonly know about.



Asked “What would you do differently as a result of the workshop”

At least 9 out of 12 said they would start a gratitude journal, several said they would look for the positives in life, one said they would look into “10 keys to happier life” (Action on Happiness) and one said they would check out the evidence.


Asked what similar courses they would like – answers were

Mindfulness, Wellbeing, “Anything really”, Life Coaching, Resilience, more techniques, coping with anxiety and depression, coping with mental illness/distress, more of the same – happiness – expanded, stress management and anxiety.


Asked if they enjoyed it, what would be better? Replies received were;

  • “Enjoyed it very much”,
  • “Eye opener”,
  • “Copy of the slides would be nice”,
  • “Yes very much”,
  • “Will think differently”,
  • “I really enjoyed your session today”,
  • “I will definitely do the gratitude journal” (Mentioned several times)
  • “Yes enjoyed it. Wouldn’t change it”.
  • “I did enjoy the session. Well presented. Good flow and relevant info. Just right”,
  • “Yes – informative”,
  • “Yes – very informative/good suggestions”,
  • “Yes interesting”,
  • “Very enjoyable with interesting facts”,
  • “Yes – interaction, getting us to think”,
  • “Yes, very interesting and potentially useful”,
  • “Handouts – as not easy to retain information”


Overall, this was a very successful taster session for people to hear about the science of happiness and some actions they could take to be happier.

Going forward

From the requested courses noted, Unlock Your Wellbeing can provide future workshops on Wellbeing, Resilience, and more on Happiness. Group Life Coaching could also be developed.

I will signpost where possible to those requesting stress management, anxiety and depression sessions to Talking Therapies. Regarding coping with mental illness or distress – UYW provide Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) which is a comprehensive self-management tool for those recovering from mental illness (and other things too). This is normally provided within a Recovery College – something which Bracknell does not currently have.


An extremely well received taster workshop on Happiness, which people really enjoyed.

The before and after scores demonstrated a very real and marked learning experience. The comments also indicated that people enjoyed it very much, liked the presentation style and found it very informative. The scores from 12 feedback forms regarding knowledge of the subject “Science of Happiness” were 68 before and 107 after – a difference of 39, which is a remarkable and notable increase. A change in behaviour was indicated by nearly all participants, which again is remarkable.

Unlock Your Wellbeing would be happy to work with Bracknell Forest Public Health Team on future such projects as outlined above, or other departments where appropriate. We hope we have demonstrated our effectiveness and skills.

A big thank you to Lisa and Kathryn for their support in this mini project – it was much appreciated and freely given.