The Stars of Depression

Richard Candy

Depression is a strong
and mighty character.

I don’t think I can beat
This horrible, confusing,
and terrifying thing

No road of clarity,
Only confusion.
I can’t find my way through

“Depression triumphs over me”
Is all that I feel able to say.

Yet if this is what it takes for me
To turn around
and look over my shoulder

I will understand
what being beaten by Depression

When I am growing weaker
There may be great things running past

Yet i do not see these

Perhaps the hardest thing to see
Is the gloomy rain
I have always believed in,

for when the most melancholy stars
of the night are falling;

It’s quite a spectacular display

– that i only notice
Through accepting that my positive battle
Against Depression

Really is
All in vain.

Feb 28, 2016