Richard Candy

08 April 2017

Be strong Richard
Against all your adversity
Against the most incomprehensible
Indescribable nightmares
Against all the horrible things
You have no hope of describing.
Against all adversity
Be strong

Yes be strong Richard
Fight against the weaknesses
Struggle against the falls
Of which you are not worthy
Be strong. Now at all times Richard
Of course you hear the word
Failure! Resound in your head

And yet this comes from a place
Above that
Be strong Richard
You may not know the path to success. Let alone happiness.
But do not doubt it

The greatest capacity to be strong
At such times
Resides in the unimaginably intense
Resolve and ability
To reject the doubt
No matter how overwhelming it may seem

Be strong Richard
It’s when you ruminate on your own
And feel you are bound to complete the journey to disastrous failure
THAT is when real strength is needed


The fact that the road seems blocked
That there is no pathway through
That it’s too late. Or too difficult
Bah!  That’s not true

Don’t you dare doubt it Richard
It’s when all the ideas have gone
When resources are at their lowest

When you are least imaginative

That you can have that ability to
Splash magic all over the page

Strength Richard! Strength

Believe in it still
And bring joy to the whole world’s heart