Depression – Richard Candy

I open the door to the great song of depression,
floating in mountains, woodland and seas
It swirls up like a storm, leaves no recess forgotten,
and roars through the heart like the pang of disease

Everywhere, everywhere, sings sorrow a requiem
to the festivals, emporiums and fairgrounds of fun
Old ugly roads – see in each one of them
the mask of the clouds has drowned out the sun

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Disappearing Problem – Richard Candy

Sometimes a problem can be really tough,
We don’t know how to solve it
It makes us all feel really rough
There’s no hope we can dissolve it.

My depression’s been like that
I suffered from it for years
I tried to work out where I was at
And just collapsed in tears.

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Bird of Melancholia – Richard Candy

Bird of Melancholia,
Why do you not sing
And display all your feathers
On your beautiful wing

I see you have beauty
though I have such sorrow,
So show me your feathers
to bring joy for tomorrow

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The Zealous Therapist – Richard Candy

“Have you tried aquatic volleyball
It could be rather tough
Or alternatively read this little brochure
There’s lots of other stuff”

But I didn’t like the zealous therapist
And when I said I’d had enough
She packed the equipment in a lorry
And drove off in a huff

January 20, 2017

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The Gymnastics Trainer – Richard Candy

The trainer said “Hi, my name is Tim,”
Would everyone stand in a line
There were mats spread out across the whole gym
It would start – almost exactly at nine.

For over an hour, Tim sprang into action,
His somersaults never went wrong.
We must have provided great satisfaction,
And he thanked us for coming along.

January 21 2017

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Hail to the Snail – Richard Candy

On the worlds greatest journeys
One need not walk fast

To see tiny creatures
Means one’s vision is vast

Though the sprinter is startled
By the world that flies past

The snail sees galaxies
As it’s coming in last

July 17, 2016

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Strength – Richard Candy

Be strong Richard
Against all your adversity
Against the most incomprehensible
Indescribable nightmares
Against all the horrible things
You have no hope of describing.
Against all adversity
Be strong

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Brighter Berkshire

Year of Mental Health 2017

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