We were very lucky early on to launch the year of Mental Health with BBC Radio Berkshire. Throughout the year there was a monthly programme hosted by 3 women who had all had very different experiences of mental health challenges. The shows were themed and we have ensured they are available for ongoing listening and there was so much people got from them in terms of learning, advice and education. The show was hosted by Angela Ryan, Nicky Jerrome and Polly Falconer.

During the year the show won two highly sought after awards

  • Bronze Frank Gillard award
  • Bronze Award for Best Community Programme at the Radio Academy

Congratulations to the whole team!

The award winning show details below and you can click below to listen to them again.

January – Episode 1: The Launch

Polly Falconer, Angela Ryan and Nicky Jerrome launch the show. They’re joined by Alison Foster, a former NHS director, who tells them about Brighter Berkshire. We also hear from the Newbury MP, Richard Benyon, about why he’s involved in the campaign.

February – Episode 2: Anxiety

Polly, Angela and Nicky explain what anxiety is and how it can be treated. They also introduce you mental health first aid. Did you know you could be a mental health first aider? The women find out about a course that can get you started.

March – Episode 3: Adolescent mental health

This programme focuses on youngsters, and in particular adolescents. We hear from young adults who have battled mental illness, and the women find out about the services that are available to help youngsters.

April – Episode 4: Recovery through sport

Coming just twenty-four hours after the London Marathon, Polly, Angela and Nicky speak to local runners who completed the 26.2 mile course for Heads Together, the mental health charity set up by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Plus there’s news of how being active can help your mental wellbeing.

May – Episode 5: Mental health in the media

Polly, Angela and Nicky discuss the responsibility the media has on its portrayal of mental illness.

June – Episode 6: Schizophrenia

The women discuss the myths attached to schizophrenia and psychosis. Angela talks about the voice she constantly heard throughout her illness.

July – Episode 7: Recovery

If you become unwell it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Polly, Angela and Nicky hear about the services available in Berkshire to help patients make a recovery from their illness.

September – Episode 8: Mental illness & the arts

The show came from South Hill Park in Bracknell as Polly, Angela and Nicky found out how the arts help mental health recovery. They’re joined by a comedian who has used stand-up to help battle their eating disorder and they hear from a singer who tours schools to help raise awareness of mental illness.

October – Episode 9: Inside Prospect Park Hospital

Polly, Angela and Nicky took the show to Prospect Park Hospital to help detach the stigma connected to mental health hospitals.

November – Episode 10: First steps

What do you do when you’re mentally unwell? The women talk to GPs, psychologists and psychiatrists about how they aid patients on the road to recovery.

December – Episode 11: Farewell

It’s the final episode and the women look back at some of the highlights from the year. They speak to Alastair Campbell about his depression and they’re joined by Alison Foster from Brighter Berkshire.

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