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I want to help people with mental health problems by giving advice

I want to help people with mental health by giving advice or anything I can do to help. I have mental health myself and I feel it helps if I help others and I feel I give good advice and would do well working in this sector.

What difference do you hope to make?

It will help others to deal with their problems

I pledge to promote Brighter Berkshire during my book events

I pledge to promote Brighter Berkshire during my book events in Reading and also on my social media platform. I suffered from depression on and off and recently published a book about my experience. Generally we need to raise more awareness of mental health issues in order to do away with the stigma still attached it. I hope that there is more understanding that mental illness is an illness just like any other and what sufferers need is treatment and support instead of discrimination.

We want enhance and provide opportunities to all

Jealott’s Hill Community Landshare provide opportunity to all. We have a core ambition to extend our current provision, Community First, which supports persons with mental health conditions and build upon the work already achieved last year.

I pledge to give my time as a volunteer

I pledge to give my time as a volunteer for ‘Wokingham Your Way’ and ‘Your Voice in Action’ in the Wokingham Borough, to provide support and assist with organising activities for people with mental health conditions.

We pledge our support to Brighter Berkshire

On behalf of Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, I would like to pledge our support for Brighter Berkshire’s Year of Mental Health 2017. We can only continue to deliver quality mental and community health services by getting to know and listening to those who make up the wider Berkshire community.

I pledge to promote mental health awareness for all ages

I pledge to promote mental health awareness and work to improve the mental health of people of all ages across Berkshire. I care about Mental Health we still have a long way to go to make talking about mental health as easy as talking about your physical health. I...

I pledge to talk about my mental health issues

I pledge and I would be happy to talk to people about my experiences of mental health issues and what I did to recover. Mental health is a global conversation we should be having and the more we communicate the better our community of support will be. It will give an...

We pledge to increase staff awareness

To increase awareness of staff mental wellbeing, and promote mental health first aid through our organisational development work. Our staff deal with stresses both within and outside of a work environment and want to ensure the CCG's workforce is able to appreciate...

I pledge to run a conference about mental health in the womb

I pledge to run a conference to bring all interested parties together to work together from before a baby is born to ensure the whole family develops the best mental health. I could not get support for my family when we needed it and then it became too late. No one...

We pledge to work tirelessly to offer recovery support

Recovery in Mind will continue to work tirelessly to offer Recovery College Courses for people living in West Berkshire. We believe passionately about our mission and will do all we can to support the community of West Berkshire become a better place to live, learn...

I pledge to encourage conversations

I pledge to encourage conversations about mental health with friends and to check in with friends I haven't heard from in a while. Recently too many lives are lost due to the stigma of mental health. Lives are saved because people are more able to let people know when...

I pledge to spread the word

My personal pledge has been to help bring people together for events and to spread the message about Brighter Berkshire. We are all touched by mental health issues in some way, shape or form, my 44 year old brother in law took his life, as he couldn't see a better...

Brighter Berkshire

Year of Mental Health 2017

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