International Women’s Day with ACRE and Utulivu Women’s Group

In March, Brighter Berkshire (represented by Anne-Marie Gawen) attended the International Women’s Day Conference in Reading, organised by ACRE (Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality) and Utulivu Women’s Group.
The conference was a positive bringing together of a lot of knowledge and expertise in many different areas – many of which involve issues unique to women as well as ones which involve both men and women.
Brighter Berkshire spoke about their initiative for 2017 – making it a year for Berkshire to speak up and out about mental health issues, to get conversations going, to get people connected with each other to offer support, in whatever shape that is.  Mental Illness is very common, yet there is a huge stigma which leads to many young men in particular literally ending their own lives rather than face getting help. This cannot be allowed to continue – by talking about mental health issues and getting across a different and compassionate message we can all have a role in saving people’s lives. It was also an opportunity to talk about recovery and how recovery from severe mental illness is possible, with a little about Anne-Marie’s personal story.
Delegates were provided with flyers about the work of Brighter Berkshire and encouraged to get involved in as many different ways as possible.