Below are just some of the ideas so far. We aim to structure these as they build so people can find what what might be most relevant to them.

  • Poor mental health costs £1000 per employee per year. Why not companies pay £1 per employee this year to support this initiative
  • 1:4 people are affected by mental health problems maybe local Mayors could commit 25% of time to promoting MH issues which would also the receive related press coverage 
  • “ACCESSS Bars is an energetic body process which gently touches 32 points on the head to release current concerns. A young family member suffers from depression and panic attacks and social anxiety and she enjoys having her bars run. There are also regular facilitated classes run in Thatcham West Berkshire. Dr Fannin is a neuroscientist who has researched Access Bars.”
  • Establishing networking structures allowing the families of people with problems to get in touch with others. to share experiences and support. In many cases ongoing support for patients is left to families and professional staff are not necessarily the best people to provide long-term support and advice. In considering safe haven cafes we need to be aware that we need different provision for different demographics. For old people the need is frequently for a place where they can meet and talk, but for teenagers the requirement may be more for anonymity where they can relax in quietness and comfortable solitude. Good coffee, good wifi. Schools are frequently the place where children’s metal problem first become manifest.
  • “Reduced gym memberships for everyone. Exercise is proven to have a beneficial effect on mood and well being. Unfortunately gym memberships are very expensive. More subsidised exercise classes or gym memberships would encourage people to exercise more regularly. A rental bike scheme is the local area would also be a great way of getting people out and exercising.”
  • One target could be to build mental health awareness into the professional development plans for all schools. The aim is to produce a measurable change in early diagnosis/intervention.
  • Local College suggested this years project focus on Art and Mental health and would like to explore a county wide competition on this with maybe local exhibitions in colleges or museums 
  • Using connected networks, think outside current sphere of influence. Who might you know in both your personal or professional sphere of influence to them involved
  • Local businesses have a awards, maybe a category could be for good mental health initiative, would encourage applications, surfacing what works and rewarding while profiling 
  • Councils make pledges not only to share what they re doing but make personal pledges and also maybe have increase in mental health first aid training
  • Shopping centres commit to promote through flyers or whatever that its a Year of Mental Health and maybe there could be some key ones doing the ‘round up to the nearest pound’ for local charity mental health, for the year? 
  • Berkshire wide awards event
  • Brighter Berkshire champions in places like schools, work, leisure, who would share info with their wider network and feedback any events or activities 
  • Working groups on areas of importance such as the desire expressed by many to have a safe haven cafe.
  • Music festivals with mental health theme having fun, having conversations about mental health and understanding the benefits music can bring 
  • Sporting events could be held under this banner – football tournaments, school sports days, etc with information at these on power of exercise and sport to your mental health 
  • Library events and speaking events from writers on mental health.

If you have an idea please share it with us here

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