Teresa Salami-Oru

Consultant in Public Health/Service Leader, The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, Adults Children & Health Directorate, Public Health


Your Pledge:

I believe that there is no public health without mental health and will therefore work with partners to ensure mental health is embedded into practise. Through the delivery of the Year of Mental Health Action Plan, 2017, I intend to work with partners to:

  • Roll out Mental health impact screening of policy across the council
  • Lead the development of the Suicide Prevention & self Harm action plan
  • Ensure all managers receive MHFA training
  • Evaluate the Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Ensure awareness is raised in local schools
  • Launch a recovery college
  • Undertake community asset mapping.


Why are you making this pledge?

I am making this pledge because good mental health is important for health. Mental and emotional health are fundamental to good health and wellbeing; additionally people with mental health problems experience significant health inequalities.


What difference do you hope to make?

I hope the difference it will make is that there will be a noticeable increase in general awareness and reduction in stigma. -Shared good practise, integration of work streams and the promotion of mental health across the political and health spectrum for the benefit of patients and residents.