Richard Candy



Your Pledge:

I pledge to design at least 5 puzzles a week and to research ways they may fund mental health. I wish to compose 100 puzzles by December of varying types. I hope to collect these 100 puzzles together in a book to raise funds for mental health. I will research the methods of getting a book produced and find all the resources necessary to create it.


Why are you making this pledge?

Thirty years plus of depression has fired the very determination and energy to put pen to paper. I am adamant to prove that out of a nightmare that can last for decades there can be a residue of gold that is created specifically because the suffering has been so bad. The intensity of the pain – I want to prove – ultimately yields productive work and so my ultimate reason is to show that you can suffer from mental illness for years but it isn’t in vain. I want to demonstrate what can be created from that furnace of agony.


What difference do you hope to make?

It could be a small difference or big difference, but I hope that the industry I put into this project will be worthwhile; 5 puzzles a week is less than my usual rate. I hope that the research involved will inspire me to connect my own skills more closely with whatever may be most useful to helping reducing mental suffering in any way whatsoever.

I believe in optimism, I think I want to do this as a personal battle, and I really believe that whether it makes a difference only in adding the tiniest granule of inspiration to the sum total of work done on mental health or whether it raises a lot of funds for the cause, I believe that my pledge can only help the overall project.