Cllr Stuart Carroll

Principal Member Public Health & Communications, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead


Your Pledge:

I pledge in my role as the Principal Member for Public Health at the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to actively promote this fantastic initiative with a key focus on raising awareness and reducing stigma.  Specifically, I pledge to lead, with the Borough’s excellent public health team, a commitment that there can be no public health without mental health across the council and ensure we have a Year of Mental Health that becomes a springboard for future action and endeavours.

I also would like to make a pledge to Brighter Berkshire in a personal capacity as someone who knows what it is like to suffer with clinical depression, and knows many people who also suffer, to ensure stigma, reluctance to speak out and concern about how mental health is perceived to be tackled head on and for a brighter, positive and more direct narrative to be established.

This is of particular importance to young men and sending a message that “it is okay not to be okay” so as to encourage people to speak up and speak out, and have the confidence and assurance that you will not be stigmatised or treated differently for who you are and that you are never on your own.