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Wokingham 100 Day Fitness Challenge

100 Day Fitness Challenge from Fast Track Fit Camp Starts 23rd September!   This 100 Day Challenge is about getting active every day and committing to walking 1 mile a day - or running/cycling/swimming - up to you. Running this challenge is Heidi, an...

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Wellbeing in Wokingham – 8th November

Join us on the 8th November to explore the many ways to take care of your mental health locally! We will be hearing from inspirational speakers about their experiences as well as a huge range of open stalls including arts, music, yoga, nutrition and mindfulness. 

More information coming soon, be sure to hold the date!

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Mental Health Starts in the Womb – 9th November

Mental Health Starts in the Womb – 9th November

The Pavilion, 143-145 Oxford Rd, Reading RG1 7UY

Laying the Foundations for Family Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Come to this insightful conference day followed by workshops focusing on how we can all work together to improve emotional wellbeing for every family from the beginnings of pregnancy.

We aim to raise the awareness of professionals working with parents and parents themselves of the importance of foetal development in the 9 months of pregnancy and infant development in the first few years of life. We want to promote family friendly policies and practice around pregnancy, birth and first two years of life for the wellbeing of all. The conference is open to everyone interested in parenting as well as foetal and infant development.

>You can buy tickets for Mental Health Starts in the Womb conference here.

>More information including; the programme for the day, speakers and register to attend

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Mental Health in Primary Schools – 17th January 2018

Mental Health in Primary Schools – 17th January 2018

Join us to discuss mental wellbeing in primary schools. Emotional health and wellbeing of children is of such high importance and therefore so are the root causes for mental health issues, spotting signs early and early service provision.

We want to know what each area in Berkshire is doing, commend and share some of the great things happening and examine what we can improve together. 

We will look at examples that have good evidence of success, programmes that includes the whole system for the child (including teacher and parental engagement for example), and initiatives that are sustainable; to help really make a long term impact.

> More information and register for your place

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