Brighter Berkshire had a great meeting with Cisco who shared just some of the things they are dong to raise awareness of mental health

  • They had January as a mental health awareness month
  • they already have 30 trained mental health first aiders and will train 20 more this year
  • They are reviewing their young apprentices support scheme to include more mental health support
  • They will explore building mental well-being as a core part of young leaders network
  • They have a back to work scheme in development for young women who have had career breaks and see if this could be adapted for people who have had a mental health issue struggling to get back to work.
  • They are looking to hols coffee mornings where people with experience of a mental health issue can come and share it with teams.
  • They will engage their business networks in activities for the year.
  • Cisco were given an industry award for their work on mental health in December 2016.