Launches 16th January 2017 on BBC Radio Berkshire

A community led initiative which aims to help reduce stigma and improve everyone’s mental health through using the power of networks, collaboration, sharing positive stories and combining efforts across the county to make a big impact.

Business, schools, sports, services, arts and more can make a small pledge to do one thing to make an impact. We aim to list all the local charities which some efforts can be linked to. We will capture and share the ideas, events, activities and more.

We are working with BBC Radio Berkshire to help profile this work and the issues in mental health. Join us and tell your friends, colleagues and family. Have lots of conversations about this issue and help beat the stigma!

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Mental Health issues affect more people than any other health issue.
Having good mental health will support your physical health.
People who have good mental health are happy and more productive.
1:4 people will be affected by mental health issues, they should have support when they need it.