Brighter Berkshire meets with Reading Youth Council

It was great to meet with Reading Youth Council who in advance of my meeting had definitely done their homework on Brighter Berkshire and gave us some great feedback!


They shared our posters could have less words and maybe some art work and tweaked the words for donate to £1 per employee fund to ‘Join our £1 per Employee Initiative’. They also shared that the song writing competition was great and thought lots of people would want to join but that it’s not being widely promoted in schools. They have committed to connecting with their networks through contact and social media to get the word out on this and wider ways to engage with the Brighter Berkshire Year of Mental Health.

They also recently worked on mental health and asked what key issues were from young People and this research highlighted two main areas, waiting times to access therapy was in some cases up to a year and the other area was the lack of knowledge and/or willingness of teachers to talk about mental health and they thought helping teachers spot signs and have conversations would be good. They also said mental health awareness should be part of the PHSE lessons but it currently is not. They will go back and share with teachers the opportunity this year of doing something about that.

Finally, the feedback felt extremely reaffirming that talking more and understand more about mental health is definitely needed and that if they did this, you could talk about mental health issues with your friends first and this may help people get support earlier and stop more serious problems developing.

A big thank you to the group for being so engaging and it will be great to see more pledges on the site from young people after they share more.