There has never been a more important time to increase our efforts around mental health than now. Supporters of Brighter Berkshire Year of Mental Health 2017 aim to maximise the use of all community networks and assets to raise awareness, reduce stigma and improve support for those who need it most in Berkshire.

Suicide is the biggest killer among young men in this country. Berkshire has now seen almost doubling of just the people known to services reported from April 2014-2015 (17) to April 2015-2016 (29).  One of the biggest things we can all do, is help reduce stigma and get people talking about mental health.  This means everyone, schools, work, leisure, local networks and more. We know lots of great things happen locally but do they get the profile so others can learn from this, do people feel connected to enough support? Using all our networks to connect people to talk about mental health will help hundreds and maybe thousands of people get the help they need and could help bring down our increasing suicide rate.

The intention is to drive the profile of mental health through awareness raising activities and generation of networks of support through the vehicle of the Year of Mental Health  Brighter Berkshire banner. On a central  website this will be promoted and ideas will come from people themselves about what we could all do to help. Find out more, sign up, help make a real difference locally Go to