Anne-Marie Gawen leads for Brighter Berkshire in the Wokingham area




Brighter Berkshire 2017 Year of Mental Health launched in December and has been working its way across Berkshire. Here in Wokingham, Anne-Marie Gawen is taking the lead and would love to hear from you about your ideas for raising awareness about issues to do with mental health and improving opportunities for anyone who may have had an episode of mental ill health.


Who should get involved?

Everyone! Mental health is everyone’s business. One in four people will experience mental illness in any year, that may be you or you will know someone who has experienced it. They may not have gone public about it – the stigma involved means that people will be more willing to share their problems with their feet than with their mental health. This stigma is so strong that some people are literally so unwilling to get help and would rather take their own lives. This is a tragedy and a preventable one. We want to see mental health on a par with physical health and that includes services and attitudes.


What can you do?

Contact Anne-Marie with your ideas – all ideas are welcome. We want to get everyone involved, that’s businesses – could you provide a venue for meetings or events, could you provide equipment, stationary, refreshments etc. We also want businesses to sign up for Mental Health Awareness Courses and Mental Health First Aid Training, to provide workplaces which are mental health aware and “friendly”.

We want groups and organisations to get involved – to have conversations around emotional wellbeing and good mental health.



We know that young people are struggling with anxieties, now more than ever before. Let’s do what we can to support our young people. Did you know there is a Brighter Berkshire song writing competition open to secondary school children all across Berkshire – with some cool prizes.


Services of all types

Social Care, Volunteer Services, Emergency Services – what are you going to do in the “Year of Mental Health”? We would love to know and would love your contribution and support.

Sports people, therapy people, coaches, creative people, artists, musicians – come and share what you do and let people know about staying mentally well.

One event being held in Wokingham for Mental Health Awareness Week is to introduce people to a terrific mental health recovery tool – WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning). This will be at the Bradbury Centre on May 17th at 17.30 – 19.30, you can find more information here. Please book with Amanda Dollery – 0118 936 8667


Please contact us to let us know what you can offer or suggest – and watch this space – there will be an event soon to launch Wokingham Brighter Berkshire which we hope the “Great and Good” of Wokingham will attend and that means YOU!!

Contact Anne-Marie at or on 07963 733 328