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Mental Health is vital to everyone. The cost to business of poor mental health in sick days, disputes and more is estimated at, on average, £1k-£3k per person per year to a business.

It is often the first place signs can be seen of a mental health issue but many don’t know how to spot signs or respond to them. Equally a stressful work environment might contribute to mental health problems for some and this does not need to be the case.

We hear every day that employers with a real desire to tackle this and many are doing some great stuff we want to share.

We want to create a local fund which will benefit businesses and in turn our community. This fund will go directly towards initiatives aimed at improving local mental health workplaces.

We think contributing a £1 Per Employee towards a collaborative effort across the county to improve mental health will make a massive difference. We hope to use this to support businesses in a range of ways to help improve the mental health of staff and help more people be open about having difficulties. Its a demonstration we can all do a little something to help and collectively make a significant difference.

We’re now calling on businesses to get involved to:

  • Make a pledge to improve the mental health of your workforce
  • Create a work opportunity for someone with a mental health problem

All donations will go towards grants going out across the region to local charities and and initiatives aimed at making a lasting difference to the mental health of the Berkshire population.

If you are interested too in helping shape how this fund should be spent, please let us know.

We have ambition to create the largest country wide business network improving the mental health of our local community.

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