Individuals, Councils, NHS, Voluntary Sector, Businesses, Arts, Sports, Schools, Universities and Colleges have started to embrace the opportunity this provides by doing a range of activities. Some are at the stage of ideas and some are in the form of pledges. Sharing these we hope will motivate and inspire others to do something too.

BBC Radio Berkshire 

The media have a huge impact on peoples understanding if issues. BBC Radio Berkshire have listened to people with lived experience who have said that some of the bias of media can be damaging for the perceptions of mental health. So they have committed to a 2 hour monthly show for the year which is hosted by a group of people with lived experience of mental health problems. They will give a round up of some of the activities happening across the county and will also focus on some key issues. They are also looking at a range of other ideas.

Next one 20th February 11-1pm.

Brighter Berkshire Buddy Groups 

Some of this work is beginning to cluster into themes where people from across the county are working together. We call these Brighter Berkshire Buddy Groups.

Why not create your own Buddy Group and we can add it here.

Core Team 

There is a Core Team of volunteers who are supporting connecting people and ideas through the following tasks. We welcome any offer of support with these. As the activity is building we now also need some financial support to maintain the activity needed to support responsive administration and website and the marketing. Donate here to help.

  • Administration
  • Events
  • Attend meetings
  • Provide speakers
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Buddy support
  • Website updates
  • Regular updates
  • Build Buddy networks
  • Make community links
  • Raising awareness of initiative and related mental health issues
  • Design and distribution of leaflets


Many people are signing up to just one or more pledges that they will commit to which will make a difference to mental health in the long term for Berkshire.

People are making pledges as Individuals, Teams or Organisations to do something over the year.

Take a look here at what has been pledged and why not make your own pledge and share it with us. We will post it up here and share it so you inspire others to do something too.


We will keep information about events on our Events Page.

We will manage a calendar of events and meetings happening as a result of the initiative and you can send us information of the things you will be doing and we can post it on the Events Page. Even if this is a coffee morning where you are talking about mental health and you have a picture, please send it in here.

Already each Council has signed up to host one event over the year. This means we will come together 6 times over the year sharing all the great things people are doing and making sure its making a difference.

As the initiative started in Newbury and where we held our planning event on 16th December, we will hold the last event at the end of the year in Newbury.

Website and other activity 

  • A Berkshire wide website which has
    • an interactive map of services, activities, events, networks, contacts in support of mental health
    • a place to share what people are doing through supporting, partnering, sponsoring, events, activities
    • a list of all local charities with function to sign up and donate for local events held
    • a place to sign up if you are interested in volunteering or working in the area of mental health
    • space for sharing of personal stories with includes recovery
    • place to find things to help with general mental health such as sport, art, theatre, work,
    • a place for pledges and ideas we could share
    • a place for known figures to endorse as we know this works with engagement
    • a place for businesses to share what they are doing
  • Media promotion through local press regular slots as its a year of mental health
  • Business sponsorship through endorsement, sharing what they are doing, offering work placements or more

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