Our Board of Advisors comprised of people with experience of mental health challenges, have friends of family with people with mental health challenges, passionate about wanting to reduce the stigma of mental health and improve support for those who need it. Thank you for their time and commitment during the year of mental health.

  1. Kevin Hood – Volunteer Reading Your Way
  2. Naomi Cross – Open University student and speaker on her experience with mental health issues
  3. Alice Clifton – Healthwatch West Berkshire
  4. Chris Downes – Experience as a service user
  5. Doris Allimadi – Project Coordinator at The Children and Women’s Trust and author of ‘Lost, my battle with depression’
  6. Cecily Mwaniki – Community Liaison Lead BHFT, Mental Health First Aid Trainer and liaises closely with ACRE.
  7. Mark Anthony Lawerence – CEO History Portal and Reading Pride Ambassador
  8. Lis Allen – Author and performer of Vagina Dialogues and Stop Talking Bollox has also experienced mental health issues and passionate about early year
  9. Linda Dobraszczyk – Public Health Specialist, led the Mental Health In the Womb Conference and 70/30 Wave Ambassador
  10. Karen Smith – Experience in mental health in young people
  11. Caroline Gratrix, mum, experience of suicide in the family, volunteer, community activist and owner of Viva Photography
  12. Lorna Crossan – Relax Kids Woodley, with experience of mental health issues and passionate about children’s mental health
  13. Heidi Strickland Clarke – FastTrack Fit Camp – fitness and well-being specialist with experience of helping deliver positive impact of activity on mental health
  14. Eddie Winship – Radio Producer and Presenter Blast FM and lots of experience in mental health, addictions and volunteering
  15. James Cuggy – Experienced mental health issues and believes in power of the arts to help with some mental health issues
  16. Lauren Hope – Experienced mental health issues and runs www.MovingOnTV.com
  17. Kirsti Wilson – Managing Director at Connect Reading – connecting business and voluntary sector
  18. Karen Shukla – Mental Health First Aid Trainer
  19. Julie Napier– Lead at Newbury Sobs, a support group for people bereaved by Suicide which Julie has had direct experience of
  20. Rosie Dale – Mum, Teacher and School Governor
  21. David Berry – Manager of Ibis Hotel, Oxford rd, Reading.
  22. David Young – Life Coach, Reading.