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Brighter Berkshire is a community led and organised year long initiative which aims to help reduce stigma about mental health & improve local opportunities.

Brighter Berkshire has partnered with Berkshire Community Foundation to raise £200,000 to fund local projects and voluntary organisations supporting those with mental health issues.

We are now also working in partnership with BBC Radio Berkshire to help raise awareness.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, volunteered and spread the word for Brighter Berkshire already this year

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Brighter Berkshire Win Pride of Reading Digital Ninja Award

Read all about the award in Get Reading HERE We are so delighted, proud, amazed and more to have picked up the Microsoft sponsored award for Digital Ninja at Pride of Reading for our use of technology to raise awareness & reduce stigma of mental health. This is huge...

Thank You Reading Phoenix Choir for Support for a Brighter Berkshire

Thank you to the Phoenix Choir for putting on an amazing event on 21 October where we were all uplifted to the amazing music and fun interactive games too! The event also raised £90 for the Brighter Berkshire Fund in the collection boxes afterwards. We heard from Matt...

Whitley Host 2 Day Conversation on Mental Health


Maidenhead MP & Prime Minister Theresa May Hears from Brighter Berkshire

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead held an event at their Resilience drug and alcohol service which was attended by the Prime Minister Theresa May MP. She heard some updates from the Council on the work in mental health and Brighter Berkshire (HERE) and then...

Brighter Berkshire Attend Great Wellbeing Day with Royal Berkshire Fire Service


Wellington College Hear From Brighter Berkshire & Berkshire Community Foundation


Students From Spain Watch The Spectrum Event On Live Stream


Healthwatch West Berkshire Share Brighter Berkshire on World Mental Health Day in Newbury


Your Pledges

Pledges uploaded

I pledge to create a book of puzzles to raise funds for mental health

I wish to compose 100 puzzles by December of varying types. I hope to collect these 100 puzzles together in a book to raise funds for mental health. I will research the methods of getting a book produced and find all the resources necessary to create it.

I pledge to buy a T-Shirt to help promote Brighter Berkshire when I run

I pledge to buy a T-Shirt to help promote Brighter Berkshire when I run

We pledge to promote creativity, build relationships, and battle stigma

We pledge to promote creativity, to build relationships, and to battle stigma. We hope that the young people and adults who join us, as audience members or participants in workshops, will be enriched, inspired and invigorated.

I pledge to actively promote this fantastic initiative with a key focus on raising awareness and reducing stigma

Specifically, I pledge to lead, with the Borough’s excellent public health team, a commitment that there can be no public health without mental health across the council and ensure we have a Year of Mental Health that becomes a springboard for future action and endeavours.

We’re happy to help facilitate the outcomes you’re seeking this year

“The world needs more Change Makers like the team at Brighter Berkshire!”

We will continue to be an active core member of Brighter Berkshire and provide support for Brighter Berkshire activity

As a champion, we will continue to support the aims of Brighter Berkshire, at any meetings or events we attend where Mental Health issues are discussed or raised. Through the Healthwatch West Berkshire website, social media and all our communications we will publicise Brighter Berkshire, its events and news where possible.

We pledge to support Brighter Berkshire

Mental health needs to be spoken about and we hope that students feel more comfortable in talking about mental health with their friends and staff.

I pledge to speak up about mental health and get everyone else to do that same

Better to talk than feel alone. The world will be open enough to help others out and get others talking. Let’s get rid of the stigma that surrounds Mental Health and get it to be accepted as an illness like Physical Health

We will provide free space to help promote BB with a pop up busk over the weekend of the 6th May

Our Pledge to Brighter Berkshire is to provide FREE space to help promote BB with a pop up busk over the weekend of the 6th May.
We really believe in supporting community enterprises as the community is at the heart of what we stand for as a shopping centre and we want to help more people in understanding mental health and also showcase the great work of Brighter Berkshire.

I am holding free mental health events across Berkshire for Mental Health Awareness Week

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Prime Minister Theresa May Endorses Brighter Berkshire

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Brighter Berkshire

Year of Mental Health 2017

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