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Brighter Berkshire is an community led and organised year long initiative which aims to help reduce stigma about mental health & improve local opportunities.

We are now also working in partnership with BBC Radio Berkshire to help raise awareness and Berkshire Community Foundation to raise local funds for mental health.

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“The world needs more Change Makers like the team at Brighter Berkshire!”

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We will continue to be an active core member of Brighter Berkshire and provide support for Brighter Berkshire activity

As a champion, we will continue to support the aims of Brighter Berkshire, at any meetings or events we attend where Mental Health issues are discussed or raised. Through the Healthwatch West Berkshire website, social media and all our communications we will publicise Brighter Berkshire, its events and news where possible.

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We pledge to support Brighter Berkshire

Mental health needs to be spoken about and we hope that students feel more comfortable in talking about mental health with their friends and staff.

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I pledge to speak up about mental health and get everyone else to do that same

Better to talk than feel alone. The world will be open enough to help others out and get others talking. Let’s get rid of the stigma that surrounds Mental Health and get it to be accepted as an illness like Physical Health

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We will provide free space to help promote BB with a pop up busk over the weekend of the 6th May

Our Pledge to Brighter Berkshire is to provide FREE space to help promote BB with a pop up busk over the weekend of the 6th May.
We really believe in supporting community enterprises as the community is at the heart of what we stand for as a shopping centre and we want to help more people in understanding mental health and also showcase the great work of Brighter Berkshire.

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I am holding free mental health events across Berkshire for Mental Health Awareness Week

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I want to help people with mental health problems by giving advice

I want to help people with mental health by giving advice or anything I can do to help. I have mental health myself and I feel it helps if I help others and I feel I give good advice and would do well working in this sector.

What difference do you hope to make?

It will help others to deal with their problems

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I pledge to promote Brighter Berkshire during my book events

I pledge to promote Brighter Berkshire during my book events in Reading and also on my social media platform. I suffered from depression on and off and recently published a book about my experience. Generally we need to raise more awareness of mental health issues in order to do away with the stigma still attached it. I hope that there is more understanding that mental illness is an illness just like any other and what sufferers need is treatment and support instead of discrimination.

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I pledge my time and skills to Brighter Berkshire

I am pledging my time and skills because Berkshire needs it and I hope to reduce stigma and discrimination.

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We Pledge To Discount Tickets for Brighter Berkshire

We pledge to offer discounted tickets to Every You Every Me by Barney Norris, directed by Paul Stacey. Use the code EYEM10 at the checkout to get tickets for £10!

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New Video Of Highlights From West Berkshire Activity

Highlights of our West Berkshire Activity See our new video below, showcasing just some of the...
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Support Brighter Berkshire in your local Waitrose

We have been chosen as one of the three charities to benefit from Waitrose Community Matters scheme throughout the month of May. Look out for our box at Waitrose in Reading (Oxford Street), Waitrose in Maidenhead and John Lewis in Reading and pop in your green token!

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Thames Valley Business Awards to Opens Mental Health Category

Thames Valley Business Awards to Opens Mental Health Category     The 2017 Thames Valley...
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Walk and Talk for Mental Health in Reading

Walk and Talk for Mental Health in Reading This Saturday, 6th May, a huge group of Brighter...
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Anne-Marie Gawen leads for Brighter Berkshire in the Wokingham area

Brighter Berkshire 2017 Year of Mental Health launched in December and has been working its way across Berkshire. Here in Wokingham, Anne-Marie Gawen is taking the lead and would love to hear from you about your ideas for raising awareness about issues to do with mental health and improving opportunities for anyone who may have had an episode of mental ill health.

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Mental Health Awareness Week

This year Mental Health Awareness Week will take place on 8-14 May 2016 with the theme ‘Surviving or thriving?’. Every year, in May, the Mental Health Foundation help to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues.

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Donations and Fundraising Reach £20k

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Brighter Berkshire, so far we have raised an...
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Enter the Brighter Berkshire Song Writing Competition Now #BBSongs17

Brighter Berkshire, in partnership with Berkshire Community Foundation and Reading Rock Academy,...
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Newbury to have the First of our Walk and Talk Group’s For Mental Health – 25 March

We aim to connect with others and raise awareness that 2017 is a Year of Mental Health in...
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‘Daily Cycle’ Film – Eating Disorders in Young People

Berkshire-based production company Resource Productions and two young filmmakers, Shannon Smyth...
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